Welcome to RapCat Entertainment

RapCat Entertainment is the Central Valley’s newest mobile DJ with fresh new concepts. I have the best equipment and specialize in house parties and private events.

What makes me different:
  • I have a mobile 3G hotspot to download music on demand. Your requests will never be met with....”sorry, I don’t have that.” If it’s on iTunes or Amazon.com, I’ll get it.

  • Requests! Requests! Requests! Without your requests, it’s just not your party. DJ RapCat lives mixes the music so that your songs become the set list. Don’t settle for a party you didn’t ask for.

  • Cerwin-Vega is my speaker partner. I have selected Cerwin-Vega for their quality products and premium music experience. They are industry leaders when it comes to BASS and you will definitely agree upon hearing it. Clarity is not lacking on the top-end either.

  • Credit Cards - Yes I accept Visa. MasterCard, American Express and Discover. I can also accept payment through the Square™ app on your iPhone. Download the app. Learn about Square here.

  • Why do I need a DJ at my party? See why here.

If you don’t mind hearing the latest Pop and dance hits, with a little rap, dubstep, hip-hop, house, indie, electro, and maybe some country music if you’re in Clovis, then DJ RapCat is right for you. Its gonna be loud, or it's going to be quiet, depending on your preference. If you don’t want the police showing up, then I can adjust the throw of the low frequencies so your neighbors don’t hear. If you want everyone out, then i can turn it up so the police shut you down. It’s all up to you! I am here to serve your needs.

If you are interested in booking RapCat Entertainment, then please send an email to chris@djrapcat.com. You may also call 559-360-7963.